I have read over this section a couple of times and I don’t see much that stands out as new.  So instead of rehashing old posts, I thought I would give my “top ten favorite (or significant) quotes from this section.”  I would love to hear your favorites too!  Or pick one of the following ten and say what you like about that one. 

1.  Who is really in charge?

Everything in the heavens and earth belongs to God; it is to Him that all things return. (3:109)

2.  Follow Father Abraham and you can’t go wrong!

God speaks the truth, so follow Abraham’s religion: he had true faith and he was never an idolater. (3:95)

3.  A powerful image of the protection of God:

If you are steadfast and conscious of God, their [unbelievers who wish to see harm done to believers] scheming will not harm you in the least: God encircles everything they do. (3:120)

4.  Real, deep spirituality demands sacrifice.

None of you will attain true piety unless you give out of what you cherish. (3:92)

5.  Don’t blame God for the consequences of sin!

A frosty wind strikes and destroys the harvest of people who have wronged themselves: It was not God who wrong them; they wronged themselves. (3:117)

6.  God’s mercy is predicated upon active repentance.

Such people [those who know the truth and reject it anyway] will be rewarded with rejection from God, by the angels, by all people, and so they will remain, with no relief or respite for their suffering.  Not so those who afterwards repent and mend their ways: God is most forgiving and merciful. (3:87-89)

7.  Money can’t buy you love . . . or salvation!

Those who disbelieve and die disbelievers will not be saved even if they offer enough gold to fill the entire earth. (3:91)

8.  A recipe for a good community:

Be a community that calls for what is good, urges what is right, and forbids what is wrong: those who do this are the successful ones. . . . [Believers] you are the best community singled out for people: you order what is right, forbid what is wrong, and believe in God. (3:104, 110)

9.  Maybe there is hope for us after all!

There are some among the People of the Book who are upright, who recite God’s revelations during the night, who bow down in worship, who believe in God and the Last Day, who order what is right and forbid what is wrong, who are quick to do good deeds.  These people are among the righteous and they will not be denied [the reward] for whatever good deeds they do: God knows exactly who is conscious of Him. (3:113-115)

10.  One more . . . Allah calls people who reject him LOSERS!  Ha! 

If anyone seeks a religion other than complete devotion to God [islam], it will not be accepted from him: he will be one of the losers in the Hereafter. (3:85)

Okay that last one was flippant.  Sorry.  Now, how about you?