A couple of you mentioned being behind in your reading of the Qur’an, so here is a day to catch up if you are trying to do that!  No new reading for today (which I need too). 

A lot of what we have been reading recently has to do with how Muslims are to relate to Jews and Christians.  This news story carries the debate out of the Qur’an and into the streets of my hometown. 

Members of the Memphis Islamic Center pray at Heartsong Church in Cordova while their mosque is under construction. (Nikki Boertman/The Commercial Appeal)

Past (and future?) presidential candidate Mike Huckabee castigates Christians, including one church here in Memphis, who open their church buildings to Muslims in which to worship while they build mosques.  Check out the video here .

On the entirely opposite end of the spectrum is this article from the USA Today about this same act of hospitality in Memphis, and this article from David Waters, a local religion reporter on this same Muslim community.  Or check out the video on this site from a Memphis news channel. 

What do you think?