Why is idolatry so offensive to God? 

There are likely many, but today’s section gives the following five reasons.  We do not usually bow down to statues or ascribe devotion to other deities today in America, but maybe the spirit of idolatry is still alive and well. 

  1. Idolatry gives to others what only God truly deserves (6:136).  How do we do that today?  What are we giving away and to whom or what?
  2. Idolatry can cause people to de-value human life (6:137).  Infanticide was known to occur in ancient pagan cultures, especially when there were too many mouths to feed already.  Does that which we value more than God cause us to de-value our life and the life of others? 
  3. Idolatry turns God’s creation into little more than bargaining chips (6:138-39).  Does our goodness even become little more than a pay-off to God? 
  4. Idolatry ignores that God is the real source of all the many things we turn into gods or for which we give other gods credit (6:141).  Who or what do we give credit to today for the good things given to us by God?
  5. Idolatry is driven by and further feeds a desire to deny the truth (6:148).  What do we know is true about God but we are choosing to ignore either because it is inconvenient or will necessitate a change on our part?