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Thanks to Paul Goddard for making me aware earlier this week of an article in The Christian Chronicle about how Muslim students are treated at Lipscomb University, a small liberal arts university located in Nashville associated with the Churches of ChristHere is the article from Lipscomb’s media and also from the original source, The Tennessean, the Nashville paper.  Many of us here are associated with the Churches of Christ ourselves so this article is a bit more interesting. 

I am thrilled that Muslim students feel welcomed at Lipscomb.  That is a great testament to the true Christian love of the students and faculty at that great school.  I do wonder one thing, though.  And I wonder the same thing about my private Christian high school where Muslim students attend as well.  Why are Muslim families not leery of the gospel of Jesus Christ that is passionately taught at both Lipscomb and my school?  While the people are appropriately loving, does the gospel not make them question their conceptions of divinity?  Are they not afraid the Christians will convert their children?