I am having a hard time figuring out Allah.  Is he forgiving or not?  And to what extent?

Yesterday, the following ayah made it sound that for some Allah would be a closed door.  No matter whether you penitently knocked for entrance, forgiveness would not come:

It makes no difference [Prophet] whether you ask for forgiveness for them or not: God will not forgive them even if you ask seventy times (9:80).

Today, I keep coming to ayahs that suggest the opposite (and that is only over the span of two days).  Allah so longs repentance that He is a widely opened door:  

God will accept their repentance (9:102).

He is always ready to accept repentance, most merciful (9:104).

God would not condemn for going astray those He has already guided [to the faith] before making entirely clear to them what they should avoid (9:115).

He [God] relented toward them in mercy in order for them to return [to Him] (9:118).

God is most forgiving and merciful (9:102, 117, 118)

I imagine a Muslim would say (as I would about the God who has made Himself known through Jesus) that we cannot fully “figure out” Allah.  That Muslim might even say, it is blasphemous to even try.  Point well taken.  But the dissonance is there and I am tripping over it.

How about you?