Today’s section begins with what can only be seen as another attack on Christianity:

They say, “God has children!  May He be exalted!  He is the Self-Sufficient One; everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him.”  You have no authority to say this.  How dare you say things about God without any knowledge?  Say [Prophet], “Those who invent lies about God will not prosper.”  They may have a little enjoyment in this world, but then they will return to Us.  Then We shall make them taste severe torment for persisting in blasphemy. (10:68-70)

The belief that God has a “son” named Jesus is deemed “unauthorized,” a “lie,” and “blasphemous” (10:70).  It would seem that as long as this is a view that Muslims adopt, it would be hard for Christians and Muslims to find acceptance for each other’s religions.  Of course, that does not preclude civility or even cooperation.

The majority of today’s reading is a further reiteration that disbelievers have been amply warned that to reject Muhammad and his Qur’an will bring punishment.  Back to the apologetic tone earlier in the surah, there have been many signs that point to the One True God.  Even nature testifies to God (10:100).  As Pat commented on this recent post, this sounds a lot like Romans 1:20:

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

A regrettable fact is asserted in 10:96-97:

Those against whom your Lord’s sentence is passed will not believe, even if every sign comes to them, until they see the agonizing torment.

Show any sign you want or say anything you can to persuade, there are some who will simply not believe until they are on the cusp or punishment and then it will be too late.  According to this passage, this is what Pharaoh did during the Exodus and his seeming penitence was unacceptable to God (10:90-92).

We have all met people like this, haven’t we?  People who seem to be able to refute every argument.  People who can always see a hole in an argument or who will “create” a hole most of us can’t see to begin with.  It is almost as if people of this sort simply do not want to believe.  Sadly, in some cases, that is probably exactly true.

The surah ends with Muhammad being told to wash his hands of the matter (10:108).  His people have been warned.  It is up to them now.