Late yesterday morning, either a tornado or straight line winds hit Memphis leaving one dead, 48,000 without power, and extensive damage all around. I am sorry to say two large oak trees were toppled in our property, one of them caving in a good portion of our roof and causing quite a leak from the water heater. Insurance says it will likely be a few months until we are back in the house.

So blogging will have to take a backseat for a while. It might be a nice distraction later but there is too much to do right now.

Here’s what I’m thinking at 4am as I type this out on an iPhone: no matter what your religion or lack thereof, how do you handle the hard times alone? I had two neighbors frantically trying to get a hold of me to tell me to get home, then three helped me think straight as we pulled pictures, important papers, and electronics out of the house. Within an hour we had several of my fellow teachers pitching in, and with generous offers of help, support, and storage. Within two hours we had a small army of friends from church in jeans and in suits helping in more ways than I know. I am not sure I have ever been the recipient of such immediate, spontaneous, practical love before. As hard as all that is for a proud and normally self-sufficient man to receive, I know without exaggeration that I would have broken down without them. If you are one of the many who came to our rescue yesterday or who simply prayed for us, I am immensely grateful. Please keep praying; I think the internal spiritual-emotional stuff is going to be the hardest.  Thank you!