May 2011

  • Is Allah the same God of the Bible?
  • Are Muslims out to get non-Muslims, even to the point where they would use violence?
  • Is Islam anti-woman?
  • Is the way of Allah all that different from the way of Jesus?
  • Is there actually much about which Muslims and Christians could agree?
  • Is there even grounds for cooperation between Muslims, Christians, and Jews?

All these and many more as we start again our year-long journey through the Qur’an tomorrow.  I hope you will join me again.


Look for a new post on June 1. The school year is pretty much over. Lots of progress is happening pn the house. They say we might be 6 weeks from moving back in. Traveling and lecturing is done. Now it is time to get back on track here. Two days.

In three days.

Best quote I’ve heard all day: “The only death I’ll celebrate is the death of my Savior.”