More of the same today.  Allah is just.  He always sends a messenger to warn of the threat of disobedience and disregard.  Then rejection leads to punishment. In Moses’ time if you are Corah (28:76), in Muhammad’s time if you are the pagan disbelievers, or theoretically today if we do the same.  Same message.  Again.

How much repetition — often complete repetition of common phrases — before it begins to erode the claim of authenticity?  How many times does the same message have to be repackaged before the inspiration of the Qur’an is called into question?  I certainly don’t mean this disrespectfully, just objectively.  The Old Testament of the Christian Bible was written at least 1500 years before the Qur’an to a culture that was surely more illiterate and oral than that of the Qur’an, still there is much, much less repetition in the Old Testament.  It would seem the oral nature of the culture is not a sufficient explanation.

Help me understand why it seems I am reading the same thing over and over again.