Those who read the comments on this blog have read an explanation for “grace” according to Muslim thinking, given by people who would understand better than I would.  Grace is unmerited favor.  It is grace when people of all sorts receive life, provision, safety, and wholeness.  Seeing a new day is grace.  Having food in your pantry is grace.  Enjoying the work of your hands and the beauty of our world is grace.  Grace is when people who don’t even accept Allah receive the blessings of life we might expect only believers would receive.

Today’s new surah recounts many of these such “acts of grace” Allah gives to the world:

  • The revelation of the Qur’an (36:5)
  • The warning of possible punishment (36:6)
  • A historical record of punishment and reward (36:31)
  • Food and the fertility of soil (36:33)
  • Well-watered crops of produce (36:34)
  • A balanced and paired creation (36:36)
  • Consistent constellation patterns (36:37-40)
  • The Ark and other vessels in the midst of flooding (36:41-43)
  • Enjoyment of life (36:44)
  • Eyesight (36:66)
  • Mobility (36:67)
  • The ability to domesticate animals for food, milk, and transportation (36:71-73)
  • Fire (36:80)

No doubt, this is grace.  Each is certainly unmerited favor.  I am still left to wonder, though, is that the extent to Allah’s grace?  Does Allah have grace for sin?  Not just that he allows any person to live, as we all sin.  Will Allah do something about the sins of people who can’t or don’t?  Or are people still left to rectify their own sins, hence earning God’s favor?