If I am reading today’s surah correctly, there is a note of acceptance of other religions in what we read today.  Here’s what I am seeing:

  • There is a continuity between the prophetic spirit that inspired Muhammad and that which spoke through the biblical prophets of old, from the religions typically called the “People of the Book” elsewhere in the Qur’an (42:3).
  • The “commandment” that was given to Muhammad is the same one given to Noah, Abraham, and Jesus: “Uphold the faith and do not divide into factions within it.” (42:13)
  • God is the Lord of both groups (42:15)
  • Both will be “gathered together” to a common destiny (42:15)
  • Both have a common hope in the Last Hour (42:18)

That sounds like a generous inclusion based on a common faith even if we do not disagree on lesser specifics.

I am a committed Christian.  I am fiercely devoted to a God who has made himself known to this world through Jesus Christ.  I believe there is one God and this God alone is worthy of our devotion.  I believe the proper response to the great grace of God shown through Jesus Christ is to live a righteous life showing love to God through purity and self-sacrifice and love to others through service and compassion.

So, am I an acceptable believer, as far as a devoted Muslim is concerned?