Sirius in the night sky

Why would you worship the stars — like Sirius, that the Meccans were worshiping (53:49) — when you can worship the maker of the stars?  Stars set (53:1), but God will remain forever.  Bow down before God and worship (53:62).  That is the message in today’s short surah, appropriately titled “The Star.”

It seems so silly today that people would worship a star or the moon or a river or some form of animal or what have you.  Really?  It seems so clear that there is a better option.  Why not worship the One who created each of these? 

But how easy it is to fall into this trap.  We “worship” — as in assign power and reverence — to celebrities, to lovers, to popular and powerful people.  We even “worship” — as in long to have or be united with — power, pleasure, beauty, wealth, comfort, and myriad other things.  We “worship” — as in rearrange our life around in order to serve — self-promotion, success, family, and work.  In our moments of honest self-awareness surely we can see how silly this is as well.   

Bow down before God and worship!