It is nice to come to a topic other than judgment, Paradise and Hell.  However, this topic is no less prickly: money.  Nonetheless, today’s surah gives the following valuable guidance on how to view and use wealth:

  • All power belongs to the Almighty God, not the almighty dollar (57:2).
  • Deal with money in a pure manner because God sees all, even the intentions of our hearts (57:4-6).
  • The wealth we have ultimately comes to us from God (57:7).
  • We especially need to give to others from what we have been given (57:7).
  • God rewards generous giving (57:7).
  • All money goes back to God in the end, so why not use it to His benefit in the mean time (57:10).
  • It is especially admirable to give when it is most needed, but God rewards anyone who gives (57:10).
  • One stands to gain double giving, not keeping one’s wealth to oneself (57:11, 18).
  • This life is little more than a “game” or “illusory pleasure;” our success in this life is not what matters.  Take your earthly success too seriously and it becomes a source for arrogance and rivalry (57:20).
  • Don’t gloat over your success, thinking you made your fortunes yourself.  You are just living out God’s plan (57:22-23). 
  • God does not like miserliness (57:24).  Maybe this is why “monasticism” is not approved (57:29).