Of possible interest to some of you may be two new blogs I have started recently.  Please check them out and consider following these, if you deem them worthy your time.  I would love to have you join me on these blogs.

A Kingdom Year

I have committed to once again read closely through the New Testament in 2012.  I believe the structure and community of a blog will help keep me disciplined.  If you have never read the basis for the Christian religion or have just wanted some accountability for your own Bible reading, consider joining me on my journey.


A Knight’s Miscellany

I am starting a personal blog to help collect the ideas, thoughts, images, and quotes about faith and religion but so many other mundane topics as well (i.e., nature, hiking, culture, humor, Memphis, Canada, reading, and the like).  You can expect short, periodic posts on this blog as this is all life allows right now.