I know this is a biased observation, though I wonder if pure objectivity is even possible on this matter (I know, how postmodern of me!).  But here it is.  Let the commenting begin.

It seems that even the Qur’an can’t avoid elevating Jesus to a point unparalleled by any other person, even Muhammad himself. 

I know, that assertion is going to need some evidence.  Here’s what I am seeing:

  • Jesus is called the “Messiah” (4:171), which doesn’t have to mean anything more than “anointed one” but it is a title not shared in the Qur’an with anyone else
  • Jesus was born miraculously of a virgin (19:20)
  • Jesus’ mother Mary is the only woman mentioned by name in the Qur’an, indicating her uniqueness among women (19:16ff)
  • The infant Jesus miraculously spoke from the cradle (3:46; 5:110; 19:29)
  • Jesus possessed the miraculous ability to breathe life into a clay bird, an act that imitates the creation of humankind by God (3:49; 5:110)
  • Jesus is saved from suffering a physical death (4:158)
  • Jesus has already been physically raised up into the highest of heavens to be with God himself (4:158)
  • Islamic tradition even says that Jesus will come again in the “Last Days” to help fight against the “false Messiah.”
  • Islamic art shows Jesus standing in God’s court at the Last Judgment.

Jesus (Isa) on the top step in white in the upper left quadrant

To my knowledge, none of the above can be claimed of Muhammad, at least not from his life as described in the Qur’an.  That just seems a little odd to me if Muhammad is the greatest of all prophets. It is as if even the Qur’an cannot escape the supremacy of Jesus Christ.

Well, that’s what I am seeing.  What do you think?